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If you are worried about hair loss and want to grow hair new healthy and strong this hair tonic is what you are looking for is simple economical and easy to do


This has excellent properties for hair either in oil or using the leaves directly possesses wonderful properties such as r estaurar the vitality of your mane, strengthens it, provides shine and promotes its growth.

We all know that rosemary is a plant that has been used in antiquity for both traditional medicine and for gastronomy, cosmetics and hygiene. This shrub reaches up to one and a half meters high. It has many fine leaves covered by small white hairs. And some flowers that can be bluish, whitish or rosy.

It is a melifera plant, that is, bees produce honey through their flowers, which is why it is very important in the fauna.


It is a natural cleanser of the scalp, keeping the hair follicles in good condition, favoring hair growth and also helping to keep it in good condition. It also has properties to naturally lighten the hair, working very well in those that are brown.

As soon as the hair growth, it has better results if cinnamon is constantly applied to the hair based on home treatments. To treat hair loss too

Cinnamon should be used regularly, but it is preferable to treat specific areas of the head so that cinnamon works better.


-Filtered water


Place the water to boil and then add the rosemary leaves and cinnamon sticks, for 10 minutes, let the water cool and place it directly on the scalp, massaging lightly, it can be with dry or wet hair.


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