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If there is some kind of issue with the functioning of some organ in the body, the individual will certainly experience some health issues.

For instance, if the kidneys do not succeed in the elimination of waste products from the blood, there will be some consequences. But, do you know which those consequences are and what is going to happen to your body?

Go on reading in order to find out and answer all the questions you are thinking of at the moment. You can also find out how you can improve the function of your kidneys in a natural way.

If you suffer from kidney damage and unhealthy kidneys, you will most likely feel pain in the lower back, as this is the most common sign. At the beginning, you are going to feel pain only on one side, however, after a while you are going to start feeling the pain on both sides. In addition, if you sleep on one side only, it is probably the side where the kidney has more problems. Furthermore, when you wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night in order to go to the bathroom and urine, it may not come easily and your lower back is going to hurt on one or both sides.

These symptoms are not to be ignored as they are the early signs of kidney damage.

Symptoms that include itching, rashes, and dryness are often the result of the accumulation of waste in the blood, when the kidneys are not able to remove the waste from the bloodstream.

These symptoms are to be taken very seriously as they indicate kidneys problems. You should also know that you cannot solve these problems by applying topical creams, as that is not the root of the problem.

When the kidneys cannot produce urine, the urinary patterns change. Here is what happens:
Pale urine when you urinate more often
Foamy or bubbly urine
Dark colored urine when you urinate rarely
Blood in the urine
Frequent getting up during the night in order to urinate
Difficulties urinating or a feeling of pressure while doing it

These are symptoms of damaged kidneys and if you happen to notice certain color changes, it means that the damage of the kidneys is greater.

The body organs responsible for elimination of the body waste and extra fluids from the body are the kidneys. The extra fluids will accumulate if the kidneys do not manage to eliminate it from the body. This causes swelling in the face area, in the legs, hands feet, and ankles.

If you experience swelling, you should go and check it with your doctor right away as it means that your kidneys are even more damaged.

The hormone erythropoietin is being produced in the kidneys. This hormone helps in the production of red blood cells that are responsible for the transfer of oxygen. When the red blood cells are being reduced in the body, anemia occurs. Also, when the transfer of oxygen in the body is being obstructed, fatigue and general weakness happen.

Cadmium is a heavy metal that is one of the commonest causes of kidney damage. This metal gets in the environment through the process of burning oil and coal and incineration of municipal waste. Phosphate fertilizers also contain this metal, and thus pollute the food supply. Moreover, smokers breathe in cadmium directly into the lungs, which is additionally dangerous.

If you want to improve the function and the health of your kidneys, you should introduce dietary and lifestyle changes. One of the first things you need to do it quit smoking and to avoid products that contain big amounts of cadmium. You should also make sure that you remain hydrated and do a lot of exercising. Also, you are recommended to consume cranberry juice every day.


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