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These creatures with the size of 1/3 mm can be found on our eyelashes, cheeks, hair roots, and the straps which cover our nipples and groin area. If you though that you do not have them, then you are living in fallacy.

One research showed that each of the examinees had these tiny, ugly, but harmless creatures. But if it comes to compromising the immunity, quality change of the skin, increased number of sebaceous glands, autoimmune, or malignant diseases, these creatures become our enemies, causing severe skin inflammation on the face and eyebrows.

During the ay they are very peaceful, but during the night they come emerge on the skin surface where the males reside. The life of Demodex lasts for couple of days. They cannot stand daily light, so they come out during the night and move with 1cm/h.

Demodex in its body has parasites; Bacillus oleronius which are released when the Demodex parasites die and can cause severe skin irritation. The therapy is very aggressive, thus in this case you will need to use mild and neutral face cream.

The number of these parasites increases during our lifetime, and the only thing we can do is to accept this symbiosis and hope that the “subtenant” will remain still.


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