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There are all sorts of medicine for different health problems and conditions. At the same time, there are numerous types of drugs for any given illness. For instance, there are over 100 antibiotics brands available over-the-counter.

Instead of worrying about which type of drug and which brand to pick, it is always advisable to go natural. Below we have the list of the best natural antibiotics for infections.

Ginger has been generally used in treating both of colds and flus, as well as some cooking purposes. The root can actually cure nausea and upset belly, joint pain and muscle aches. If you want to conceive a baby, you have to avoid this.

This spice vegetable ingredient is just like garlic. It has the ability to assist you in relieving the pain, inflammation, colds and flu.

This amazing spice ingredient which is good for colds, signs of flu, as well as toothaches. You have to choose organic garlic because they are very affordable. Cooked garlic is not enough in order to sustain all your capabilities to acquire all of its nutritious benefits, for better results, you need to eat it raw pf you can actually add it to soups, drinks, and salads.

This ingredient has the ability to remove a sore throat, as well as to kill the germs in it. It contains malic acid and it can actually work as antibiotic.

It is an antiseptic plant that is good for the skin. It can also be created as teas in order to treat coughs, as well as removing fungi.

This ingredient is commonly used for microbe killing that is great for bacteria and fungi killing. Before you used it, you have to dilute it first and make some adjustments in its amount.

This plant can actually help you in energizing yourself, as well as fighting against diseases. It can also boost the flow of your blood, as well as your digestion process. It is good to be used as treatment for UTI, kidney stones and even bronchitis. You can actually consume it raw, blend it or make it a juice.

This type of honey has been exclusively made from New Zealand. It contains peroxide that works like a medicine. It is one of the best kinds of honey so far because it has the ability to work as antibiotic. Nevertheless, it is expensive, a bottle of it will cost you at least 50 dollars and you can avail it in whole foods and online.

This is an amazing spice that is good for decreasing blood sugar, as well as preventing diabetes. Cinnamon is really great treatment for yeast and the like.


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