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When little Echo the chihuahua arrived at the shelter, she seemed to be completely done with humans. It was obvious she had been abused and hurt badly. She had been a stray for quite some time, and luckily, a passerby finally brought her in.

She had been cradled in a jacket, and would not come out. She was hard to handle, but they were determined to help her.

Whenever someone would get close to Echo, she would try and bite them. This made the staff concerned about adoption. So they decided the best bet would be starting her out in a foster home.

Trish Aleve, who has had fostered several dogs in the past, volunteered to take in the sad and depressed stray. So the extremely thin, crusty skinned dog came to live with her and her three dogs, Buster, Harley, and Taco.

“She kind of came out, was checking things out. She let me touch her a little bit but was super, super nervous. She certainly wouldn’t have me pick her up or anything along those lines,” said Aleve.

But in a matter of days, Echo began to come out of her shell. She became curious about her new life and home. She was still uncertain about the other dogs, but they tried to make her feel more at ease with her new life.

Buster, who is a therapy dog, gave her a steady and grounding presence, which helped her feel more at ease. And it wasn’t long till little Echo found her groove.

Echo now gets excited when Aleve comes home, and slowly her faith in humans is being restored.

She is now looking for her forever home since she had been doing so well! And we can’t wait for her to find her loving forever home!

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