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She is 51 however looks 20 and without a single wrinkle! Here I would like to share with you ways to end up being more youthful! Suitable for both males and females. Yamada Keiko is 51 years old but she looks just 20 years old. She did refrain from doing plastic surgery and totally relied on natural beauty-care and anti-ageing therapy.

Yamada Keiko (F) is 51 this year. She was born on 17 January 1966. She is a Japanese artist, host, model and entrepreneur.She bagged the first reward throughout the 2012 Tokyo Second Stage Charm Contest. She was also picked for having “The Most Lovely Natural Skin Makeup”. Lots of homemakers stated Yamada Keiko offered them brand-new hope and revealed them that age is not a barrier to beauty.

Credit behind her ageless appeal goes to her daily skin care routine and healthy diet

Yamada Keiko stated she would try her best to avoid consuming food such as:
Ajinomoto (MSG), pickles, bubble gum, pop-corn, 3 in 1 coffee, sugar, immediate noodles, fried stuff and other treats.

She consumes several types of veggies every day to end up being more healthy.
Be it cold winter season or hot summertime, Yamada Keiko would attempt her finest to do water replenishment consistently. She would utilize toner and emulsion at the same time accompanied with gentle massaging to make the skin supple.

In her programme, she pointed out that delighted smile and great mood are the secret weapons of appearing young.

Apart from this I will likewise shre dish of one natural mask, that is ace in the hole of numerous Japanese ladies to look more youthful.

You need:
-3 tbsp rice
-1 tbsp honey
-1 tablespoon milk

It is simple and basic to do. To make this, prepare the rice a few minutes. Strain it and keep the water of the rice.

To the rice add the milk (hot) and honey and then mix.

Tidy the face and apply this mask. When it is dry, wash and rinse the face with the rice water.

Advantages and residential or commercial properties of this water are:

Much better blood flow for beginners and antioxidant security. Likewise, it keeps skin moist and soft and reduces great lines.

This water likewise impacts swelling and hydrates harmed skin.

For finest results, do it when a week and believe us, it has terrific effects.


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