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The remedy for osteoarthritis will help us to relieve joint pain quickly and easily. The accumulated fluid, as a result of the inflammation of the membranes, usually arouses terrible discomfort to whoever suffers it. With this homemade infusion you will improve your quality of life in a short time.

One of the most common differences between arthritis and osteoarthritis is that the first one causes pain mainly in joints such as the hands; While the second attacks the knees . While there are several types of arthritis, the two most common are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

So that we understand better: the joints have different structures. The main ones are: cartilage, synovial fluid and bone. When we suffer from osteoarthritis wear occurs in the articular cartilage. However, osteoarthritis affects synovial fluid . This liquid works as a shock absorber and should avoid the rose between the bones . When the disease progresses, the cushioning becomes difficult and the patient experiences incessant sharp pains. These discomforts are difficult to alleviate and can invalidate people for days . Not even the same rest is able to calm it, something that happens when we suffer from osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a disease of the so called autoimmune . Its main feature is to cause the immune system to erroneously attack some healthy cells and tissues , instead of protecting us from viruses and bacteria. In addition to being chronic (ie long lasting and slow progression), this disease is degenerative : the function or structure of tissues worsen over time. For the sufferer, this produces a lot of pain and is difficult to calm quickly , but this remedy for osteoarthritis is effective against those pains.

Recipe to prepare a remedy for osteoarthritis-based herbs.

The herbal osteoarthritis remedy will help to supplement any treatment for pain caused by inflammation. In turn, you will decrease the overuse of painkillers that often trigger long-term adverse reactions.

What do we need to develop the remedy for osteoarthritis?


-1 tablespoon thyme
-1 tablespoon of rosemary
-1 tablespoon mint or peppermint
-1 tablespoon sage
-1 liter of water


1.Add the water to a saucepan and bring to a high heat.

2.When it boils, place the herbs: thyme, rosemary, mint and sage. You can use dry or fresh herbs, indistinctly.

3.Turn on the heat and let them infuse for 5 minutes.

4.Turn off the heat and let stand for 15 minutes, with the pan covered.

5.Filter the preparation and keep in the refrigerator Then we have to let it stand for about 15 minutes and finally, paste it.


-Take one or two cups of the remedy for osteoarthritis daily, for three consecutive weeks. You can consume cold or hot, depending on what you prefer.

And that easy! We already have our remedy for osteoarthritis ready.


-When you feel a lot of pain, you can take a hot shower to help you cope
-Adequate rest will make us feel better
-Incorporate dairy foods into your daily diet
-Avoid wearing heels
-Avoid overweight
-Rest at intervals throughout the day
-Try to use little stairs (avoid them if possible)
-Practice gentle exercises
-Always wear suitable footwear
-The more knowledge of the disease, the better its control and prevention will be


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