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It could be said that “since the World is World”, ginger has been used in the kitchen of many countries for its unique flavor and its properties for health. Indeed, from the medicinal point of view, ginger has long been used for its aphrodisiac, digestive, analgesic, antibacterial, hepatoprotective and many other functions.

Some even consider that their antioxidant properties are beneficial to treat cancer especially when they are linked with garlic and turmeric.

Its citric and slightly camphorated aroma and its spicy flavor give it all its aromatic properties and make it one of the best and most precious spices. Ideal to flavor meats, poultry, fish as well as to prepare teas, infusions, juices and smoothies.

From this versatile root we can obtain an oil that we can use for different uses and that today we will learn to prepare to take advantage of ginger oil and its full potential.

One of its main functions is to relieve pain. Rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, muscle pain … all can be reduced with the topical use of ginger oil, because it also promotes blood circulation.

These same analgesic properties are also used in aromatherapy, because ginger oil can help soothe stomach pains and other pathologies of the digestive system such as nausea and vomiting.

Let’s get down to work and prepare this effective and natural home remedy.

– Take a ginger root, wash it and cut it into thin slices. You can also choose to grate the ginger to obtain a more concentrated preparation (approximately 40 grams).

– In a bowl, pour ½ liter of olive oil and then add the ginger.

– Place in the oven for 2 hours at 60º.

– Remove from the oven, allow to take room temperature and strain with very fine sieve. No ginger residue should remain in the oil.

– Keep in a jar with a tight lid in a cool and dry place. In this way, you can use it for 4 or 5 months.

What uses can we give to ginger oil?
– Culinary use: First, you can use ginger oil to flavor your meals and enhance the flavors. Once prepared, use it in the kitchen for a month only.

– For hair: It can be very useful to care for hair and promote growth. Prevents dandruff and increases blood circulation in the scalp.

Wet the hair and before applying the shampoo, place a few drops in your hand and massage the entire scalp for a few minutes. Then, wash normally.

– Aphrodisiac use: If the sexuality of a couple can be the source of many problems, it can also be the solution. Libido does not always maintain the same level in both men and women due to different factors and ginger oil can help find the solution.

Apply 3 or 3 drops of ginger oil on the back and massage the entire length of the spine, 2 times a day for 10 days.

Ginger is an excellent natural stimulant that tones and improves metabolic functions.

– Constipation: Apply 5 drops of ginger oil on the belly before meals and massage the area. Repeat these massages for a week.

– Sinusitis, sore throat: The expectorant effects of ginger oil, will help you to decongest the respiratory tract as well as relieve sore throats.

Place 3 drops of ginger oil on a clean cloth or piece of cotton and inhale for a few minutes.

You can also use it in a steam therapy to neutralize nausea, ward off depression and loosen bronchi.

– Muscular and joint pains: Apply a few drops of ginger oil to the painful areas and massage gently.

Its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects contribute to soothe pains and relieve the rigidity caused by chronic diseases such as arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Another form of uses is by means of hot compresses.

It is also applied as a relaxing oil to relieve contractures.

– Circulation of blood: To promote blood circulation, especially in legs and feet, we recommend mixing a few drops of ginger oil in your usual body cream and massage for a few minutes before leaving your house every morning.

This can also serve as a mosquito repellent but remember not to expose yourself to the sun.

– Stress: The sedative and anti-inflammatory powers of ginger are ideal for a relaxing bath, especially at the end of a difficult day.

Fill your bathtub with warm water and dilute a few drops of ginger oil. It will help you relieve joint and muscle pain, as well as combat stress or cramps from physical activity.

Other tips:
– Ginger oil can also be consumed, but we recommend you consult a doctor first.

– Pregnant women should not use this oil, nor should it be applied in children under 3 years of age or people receiving anticoagulant treatments or who are going to undergo surgery.

– Topical application should also be tested. Check a possible allergy by applying a drop on the inside of the elbow, where the skin is more sensitive.

How many uses! A simple root can provide countless health benefits and becomes a natural remedy that we can prepare by ourselves.

Do not stop recommending these effective uses of ginger oil to everyone who may need it.

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