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This group of people are not the product of a special civilization, but surprisingly different from the outside world in many ways. They live on the mountain peaks of the Himalayas and are called Hunzas. The country Hunza has 30 000 inhabitants, which are located ma extreme northern point Idi, a bordering Kashmir, India, and Afghanistan. Hunza people live 120 years, and some of them reach the 145. I can easily get pregnant even after 60 years, and for them it is very rare to get cancer.

They argue something we all already know “what you are what you eat”, but it seems that in modern society is very difficult to follow the law of nature. They also say that they rather than live to eat, eat to live. They eat two times a day.

First, have a rich breakfast in the morning, eat a second time after sunset. Hunzai eat only natural nutritional products such as fruits, vegetables, grains, milk and cheese. No additional chemicals in food. An interesting fact is that it’s normal for them to have children after the sixties. Once a year at intervals of two to four months, Hunzai take a break from their regular diets and live only on the juice of dried apricots. Scientists claim that this contributes significantly to this incredibly healthy people.


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