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In the fast growing world and hectic lifestyle the tension, stress and anxiety have now become a common aliment among people. Many people are suffering from these issues, whereas there is no need to suffer. You can actually cure these issues with a quick and easy solution. So, why not to try one?

Just image a single herb can provide you relief from anxiety and beat your everyday stress. Isn’t that would be great? Indeed, this herb will act as a relieving remedy for you.

If you are thinking that this herb is a kind of drug and you will get addicted to it. Then you are totally wrong.

We are not talking about marijuana or any other banned drug. This herb is a just simple bay leaf. The leaf has incredible properties which reduce anxiety in minimum time.

A research carried out by a Russian scientist Gennady Malakhov has claimed that the fragrance of bay leaves is very useful to reduce the anxiety and stress. The bay trees are mostly found in the Mediterranean region and now are quite popular in another part of the world. It is used for cooking in some countries whereas it is well known for it’s medicinal properties and used in alternative treatments.

Here is a process to use the bay leaves to get relief from stress and anxiety


  1. Take 1-2 dry bay leaves and place it in an ashtray.
  2. Burn the leaves so that the mild fragrance will come out.
  3. Now keep the ashtray in a room and sit around it for 10-15 minutes.
  4. The fragrant smoke will make you feel fresh and stress-free in few moments

The flames and smoke coming out from the bay leave stimulate the flow of positive energy in your body. Thus, in few moment, you will find that the stress has disappeared already.

Try to inhale this fragrance deeply after a tiring day to relax your mind and body. The regular use of this can be done to keep your family stress-free and happy all the time. Stay happy always!


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