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It’s not unusual to see street performers when wandering around a city centre or high street, but it is rare to see one quite as special as this.

When United Kingdom based busker, Jonny Walker was performing in Leeds one wintery night, he decided to add a special guest to his performance. A homeless man decided he’d like to join in, and when Jonny obliged, he certainly didn’t disappoint.

The homeless man in the video, by the name of Bernard and also has a rather unique back story, as well as being a much known and loved figure around the city. He is a father of two and used to be a pivotal member of the Irish Folk scene as well as a cast member of the TV show, Harry’s Game.

Words certainly can not do his spectacular vocals justice, you really need to listen to this to for yourself to find out. it just goes to show that sometimes, talent can be found in the most unlikely of places.

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