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Chemotherapy is the only answer you get from doctors to cure cancer. The method of chemotherapy is widely used for cancer treatment but however it actually harms our body. On the other hand, there are many people who are approaching home remedies to cure cancer and many of them have successfully won the battle with cancer.

Many of the popular home remedies for cancer includes carrots, turmeric, and baking soda or cannabis. The recent remedy for cancer consists of honey. It is the story of a cancer patient named Ante Kresic from Zagreb, who was informed by doctors about13 years ago that he will not live any longer as he was suffering from deadly lung cancer. It has a big surprise for medical pratictions that her is still alive and he won the fight with cancer using honey and other natural herbs.

Kresic got released from the cancer hospital in April with uncurable cancer with him. After several months, he went to the hospital again for a regular check-up and it was a big surprise for doctors to see him alive. The blood count report of kresic was amzing and it was looked like he was never suffering from cancer.

The doctors asked him about the home remedies and advised him to continue the same. Thus, Kresic decided to share the perfect remedy with all the cancer patients across the world.

Kresic has accepted that the only reason behind his recovery from cancer is home remedies. He was not on any medication and what he used is a simple mixture of honey along with spices like pine needles, ginger, and other herbs.

There is another story of women from Bosnia who also used the combination of ginger and honey to get rid of cancer.  Here is a recipe for you to defeat cancer-

Cancer Cure Recipe

The recipe needs honey which is a rich source of nutrition and has antibacterial properties along with the ginger

Things you need

  • Ginger roots- 2 (big in size and chopped)
  • Organic honey- ½ kg.

Things you should do

  1. Take chopped ginger roots and add a ½ kg of organic honey to it.
  2. Store the mixture in a glass jar and stir it well every time you use it.
  3. Consume 1 tbsp of this mixture 3-4 times every day.
  4. In 4 days, you will see the noticeable difference in your health condition.

Keep a positive attitude and carry on this treatment. This is definitely going to work for you!


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