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Soursop is one of the most valued fruits in the world for its many properties. Both its fruit, its leaves, bark, tree and roots are very good for human health.

While many prefer to eat their pulp, others prefer to prepare it in rich fresh water. But there are more people who do not know the benefits of this incredible fruit.

For this reason, today we will teach you how to prepare an incredible guanabana tea, as well as other benefits that it has. This way if you did not consume it frequently, now you will start doing it.

Soursop tea for cancer and extending life

There are several ways in which we can use guanabana to fight cancer. One way to do this is by consuming the fruit directly. Another way is by preparing an infusion with the leaves of the plant. Next, we explain how to prepare this infusion and how to make the most of its properties.


-Water (1 liter).
-Soursop leaves (15 units).

Method of preparation and use:
To begin, we must boil the water and add the guanabana leaves. We can also add a piece of stem cut into small pieces. When 30 minutes have passed or the water has been reduced by half, we will put out the fire.

Let cool a little and filter the tea to remove the leaves and stems. This drink should be consumed 3 times a day: 1 cup in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and another in the evening. In case you find its flavor unpleasant, you can add a little honey or stevia. That will be enough to start fighting cancer without side effects.

Other benefits of the soursop for extending life

For the skin and hair. Soursop is very good to eliminate split ends, white hair fall, dandruff and lice. To do this, we must prepare a tea made from guanabana leaves and use it as a hair rinse. We can also make its leaves a puree and apply it on the skin. This will make it soft and combat eczema, infections and even acne.

Treatments of blood disorders. This plant is rich in iron, a very good mineral to treat blood disorders. With its leaves, we can prepare a very good infusion to fight anemia. Also, with this tea we can increase the red blood cells in the blood.

Combat hypertension. Soursop is very good to fight hypertension. It also has antibacterial properties that help us fight any infection. To do this, we must place a whole fresh leaf in a cut, sore or wound. This will cause the wound to heal more quickly and prevent it from becoming infected.


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