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While wine is often seen as a negative drink, if it is moderately consumed it is beneficial for bad cholesterol. In fact, consuming a little wine mixed with garlic serves to prevent cardiovascular disease and achieve weight loss.

While there are a lot of treatments and medicines for these purposes, the natural option is always healthier.

This is because natural remedies not only have no adverse effects, but also improve overall health.

So, to incorporate its incredible benefits, today we will teach you to prepare this powerful remedy of garlic and wine.

Best of all is that it is very simple to prepare and its ingredients do not have a high price

Continue reading this article to learn how to prepare the natural garlic and wine remedy for bad cholesterol from the comfort of home.

Natural garlic and wine remedy for weight loss and disease prevention like bad cholesterol.

Although it may seem strange, with only two ingredients you can promote weight loss and will help you reduce the risk of suffering a lot of diseases.

One of its ingredients is the garlic that, as you know, is a super food because it benefits the body completely.

But the other ingredient is wine, a drink that is usually seen in a negative way.

However, if you drink this drink moderately, the only thing that can be extracted from it are benefits.

Next we will teach you to prepare this powerful remedy made from garlic and wine.

After consuming it for a couple of days, you will begin to observe its incredible benefits.


  • 12 cloves garlic, peeled
  • ½ liter of red wine

Note: keep in mind that it is always advisable to use organic ingredients as they retain their properties and medicinal benefits better.


1.The first thing that you must do to prepare this natural remedy is to cut the cloves of garlic, previously peeled, in small portions

2.Then place chopped garlic into a glass container

3.Then add the wine to the container

4.Cover the container tightly and place in a place where it receives sunlight for two weeks

5.Try to shake the bottle a little each day so that both ingredients are fully integrated

6.After two weeks, filter the contents and store only the liquid in another container

7.Keep in the refrigerator for no more than ten days


To incorporate all the benefits of this natural remedy you must drink two tablespoons of it every day.

It is recommended to consume one tablespoon in the morning and another at night before going to sleep.

You should follow this treatment for a month, then rest for six months and resume treatment.

Benefits of natural garlic and wine remedy

As we mentioned earlier, this natural remedy possesses a wealth of health benefits.

Next we will mention some of them so that you no longer hesitate to incorporate it into your life.

-It serves to burn accumulated fat in difficult areas
-Helps accelerate the metabolic process
–Strengthens immune system defenses
–Helps remove toxins from the blood and purifies it
-Serves to increase vitality and energy levels
–Helps regulate levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in blood
-Eliminates toxic waste from the body
-Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory
–Regulates blood pressure levels
-Reduces the risk of heart disease
-Decrease excess salt in the bloodstream

As you can see, this natural remedy is very beneficial to health.


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