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The largest organ in the body of humans is the skin. Its main function is to protect the body from damage. Therefore, it suffers the most from damages. Speaking of skin care, the biggest enemy for the skin is the sun because it emits ultra violet rays which are extremely harmful not just for the skin, but for our general health as well. Most of the time, cutaneous deformation is caused by excessive exposure to UV rays that can be benign or malignant, depending on the cells nature that compose it!

How to Protect from Skin Deformations?

In today’s article, we are going to present to you a couple of practical solutions to eliminate the moles and blackheads easily and simply:

ACV: soak one cotton ball in a little bit of ACV and apply it on the affected area!

Castor oil and baking soda: prepare a mixture consisting of these 2 ingredients, and then apply it on the affected body parts. Cover them with gauze and let them stay during the night. The following morning, remove them!

Garlic: put a little bit of Vaseline on the affected part, wait for a few minutes, and then apply a crushed garlic. Cover them with gauze.

Below, you can find several home treatments which will help you to eliminate warts.

Fig Milk: get raw fig and apply its milk on the affected body part. Let it stay during the night.

ACV: soak one cotton ball in a little bit of ACV and apply it on the affected area. Let it stay overnight. Repeat this treatment until you destroy the wart completely.

Honey: apply organic honey on the affected body part and secure it with gauze.

Additional information about how to prevent skin deformation:

Onion: apply grated onion on the affected body part and leave it to stay like that for 15 min. Afterwards, wash it with water.

Aloe Vera: apply some aloe Vera on the affected body part and let it stay like that for 20 min. Then, wash it off.

Lemon: take one lemon and rub it twice a day. Do not expose the body to the sun.

These effective homemade treatments will eliminate the unwanted skin deformations for good!



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