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Do you know why the carambola call it “star fruit”? Because when sliced the slices resemble a star. In some countries, it is also called five fingers following its five protuberances.

This fruit is native to Indonesia and Malaysia but now its cultivation has spread to America and particularly to Brazil, Colombia, and Bolivia.

It is a very refreshing sweet fruit that has important nutrients for the organism of which vitamin A and vitamin C stand out. It is particularly recommended to be consumed by children, young people, athletes, pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding as well also for the elderly.

It has low carbohydrate content which makes it an ideal fruit for those who follow weight loss regimens, it has low sodium content and is rich in potassium.

Although it is not a very popular fruit or one that demands a lot of consumption, we are going to tell you that it contains many beneficial properties for the organism and you will see how all these benefits will be enough reason for you to start incorporating it into your habitual diet.

Gentle laxative: Carambola has a mild laxative effect and is ideal for those suffering from constipation. It contains high concentrations of fiber, as well as tartaric acid and malic acid. It is also beneficial to promote good digestion.

Stimulates the secretion of saliva: The secretion of saliva is important because it helps to clean the mouth because it contains substances that eliminate bacteria. It is ideal to consume as a dessert and to perform a “cleaning” of the mouth after eating. It is also useful to fight sores in the mouth.

 Acts as hemostatic: This fruit is ideal to stop bleeding and prevent bleeding. This is because it contains oxalic acid, but at the same time, this same oxalic acid makes it a contraindicated fruit for those who suffer from kidney problems, gout and kidney stones.

Improves the cardiovascular system: Carambola contains high doses of soluble fiber, ideal to fight cholesterol. It has properties to prevent arteriosclerosis as well as organic acids, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals.

Prevents premature aging: Carambola is rich in antioxidants and potentiates the antioxidant effects of other fruits when combined with them. This has a positive effect on the body as it helps fight free radicals, responsible for different diseases.

Regulates blood pressure: Being a food with low sodium content is recommended for hypertensive people because they can consume it freely and at the same time regulate blood flow.

Insomnia: The high concentrations of magnesium contained in the carambola are ideal for improving the quality of sleep. For those people who have difficulty sleeping, the carom can be a possible solution if it is consumed half an hour before going to bed.

Diabetes: This fruit has the particularity of absorbing glucose effectively, an effective treatment when it comes to fighting diabetes.

For pregnant women: Pregnant women also benefit greatly with this fruit because it contains folic acid, a component of the B vitamins complex, which is especially important in the first months of pregnancy, since it directly affects the brain structure of the fetuses. Likewise, it is beneficial for women who are breastfeeding because it favors the production of milk.

Strengthens the immune system: It has high concentrations of vitamin C, the main ally to strengthen the immune system avoiding simple respiratory diseases such as influenza.

Now that you know a little more about this little-known fruit, try to look for it in the market and incorporate it into your diet to consume it frequently.


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