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Lemon can improve your life in many ways. Its powers can never be ignored.  Lemon is very good at cleaning things. It is also a powerful antiseptic.  Its smell is very refreshing.  There is a reason for it. It elevates your mood and is often recommended for treating depression and anxiety.

Lemon for beautification

Lemon is useful to treat skin diseases. It helps in cleaning the scalp. It treats acne and whitens dark spots in the skin.

Take half a lemon piece and rub it on your elbows, knees and areas with calluses. The thick areas will soften.

It also has other uses. It freshens your breath, helps with aching feet and whitens the nails.

Good health

It helps with the treatment of many diseases. It helps with arthiritis, rheumatism and digestive problems.  Kidney stones can be prevented and it detoxifies the body.  Apart from vitamin C it also contains vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamin A, vitamin E and chromium.  The antioxidants in it fight aging.

Improves life

To improve your life, cut 3 lemons and place them at your bedside.  Leave it overnight. Repeat every day. The following are its benefits:

– It is a good air freshener. Your room will look and feel fresh.

– It will help you breathe better. It treats cold and asthma. Also your mind will feel fresh and lovely.

– It removes hangover and tiredness. You will wake up feeling fresh. This happens very rarely in today’s life.

You will be full of energy throughout the day. This trick works better than all the energy drinks available in the market. Try it out and you will soon see the results.

Source: Healthy Food and Home Remedies

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