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Movies and television shows tend to paint cheerleaders as a mean crowd of popular girls, but the reality isn’t always that way! Plenty of nice and wonderful people are on cheer teams, and if there’s any group that understands the magic of teamwork and support, it’s cheerleaders! In an extremely unlikely scenario, Tori Adams was the only cheerleader on the Northwestern High School’s cheer team that didn’t fall sick before the CLAA Conference Tournament.

Image Credit: Facebook/ABC News
When asked if she still wanted to turn up to cheer for their basketball team, she knew she wanted to give her team all the spirit she could, even on her own! Alone, Tori felt nervous and scared, being the only one to cheer for her team in front of a huge crowd. It was an uncomfortable position to be in. Then, she noticed the cheerleaders from the opposing team, Hardin-Central, closing in on her. She didn’t know what to think!

Image Credit: Facebook/ABC News

But the opposing cheer team wasn’t there to intimidate her – they were there to cheer for her! They asked her to quickly teach them some of the basic cheer moves for her team, and they began doing a coordinated team with her. Tori herself picked up moves from the opposing team and cheered for that team, too!

Incredible display of cheerleading sportsmanship

High school cheerleading squad adopts the lone member of their rival squad in an incredible display of sportsmanship.

Posted by ABC News on Dienstag, 13. Februar 2018

In the end, there were no divided cheerleaders – only one big group, cheering for both sides, with one girl in a different uniform! It’s fitting since cheerleaders are there to support and give their team some extra spirit – and these girls did exactly that!

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