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Most people want to look young — and stay young. Even though we know we can’t escape time, a lot of people still look for ways to hide their age because looking old seems to put us at a disadvantage.

Looking old connotes weakness, frailty, and a lot of other negative impressions. On the other hand, looking young reflects good health and the notion that you take care of your god given body.

While using cosmetics has become the norm for both men and women, some would even spend a fortune to enhance their body parts with nose lift, chin trim, permanent hair and brows extension, breast implant — all of this just to appear more attractive and younger-looking.

The usual and obvious expectation is when you hit 50, you most likely have pronounced wrinkles on your face, or that your hair line starts to recede, or that you have a stooping figure. However, this is not the case for a mother who became an instant celebrity on social media when her son posted her pictures and a video of her blowing her 50th year birthday cake.

A Facebook post of user Ochie’Aswan Arsyad has gone viral when he celebrated her mother’s golden anniversary of life. Without the numerical candles on the cake, one would easily have her mother mistaken for his sister or even his girlfriend, since she really looks like a teenager.

Most netizens were shocked at how young-looking this mother is. Her flawless skin, her figure, her perfect hair — none of these show a tiny hint of her actual age. Who would have thought she already had two grandsons! The best part is, none of her photos show that she was wearing make-up.

Check her out in the video below.

They claim to have this desirable looks through having a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. They said they eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Their family also tend to do a lot of exercise to maintain a toned figure. In addition, then avoid unhealthy habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

We already know that healthy lifestyle is key to maintaining our youth. But this mother punctuates the thought that it is possible to look 20 at the age of 50.

If you want to possess this youthful-looking stance, check out some tips below.

Payoffs from having a circle of friends or folks you see regularly at a club or other gathering:

Lower blood pressure
Delayed memory loss
Reduced risk of recurrent stroke and even the common cold

In a Yale study, younger adults who had the most negative views on aging were almost twice as likely to later have a heart attack or other cardio problem as those with positive attitudes.

In research at the University of Maryland, scientists found that laughing can increase blood flow by 22 percent and may protect against heart problems.

Does anyone really need another reason? Cigarettes quadruple the chance you’ll develop age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in people over 55.

If you want your hard-worked hands to look as if they toiled not, accustom them to this good little habit: First thing every morning, after washing them, rub on cream or lotion.

Strength training that uses slow movement and fewer repetitions builds more muscle and reduces more fat than standard weight lifting.

People who attend religious services, well, religiously, live seven to 14 years longer, a University of Texas survey showed.

To keep skin soft, switch to a mild, fragrance-free soap in the shower.

A 30-minute daytime snooze cut the risk of fatal heart attacks by 37 percent in a Greek study of more than 23,000 middle-aged women and men.

The easiest way to refresh your complexion turns out to be fast — and free. “Simply splash cold water on your face,” says Francesca Fusco, M.D., a New York City dermatologist.

“Proper diet…will tend to ward off diseases,” Good Housekeeping said in 1919. Today, research has identified specific foods that can help you stay healthy:

Berries of all hues are rich in antioxidants, meaning they combat chemicals that can cause cell damage and chronic inflammation.
Spinach and other dark leafy greens deliver vitamin K, which helps prevent bone loss.
Red wine contains resveratrol, an antioxidant, inflammation damper, and artery protector.
Yogurt and other dairy products are a terrific source of bone-building protein and calcium. And news from the tooth fairy: In a Japanese study, eating 1/4 cup of yogurt a day led to a 50 percent reduction in tooth loss, possibly because of the probiotics in yogurt.
Whole grains can protect against diabetes, heart disease, stroke, colon cancer, and gum disease.
Dark chocolate helps keep arteries functioning well. But have no more than an ounce and a half a day. Too much will pack on (heart-damaging) pounds.

Pure lemon juice is one of the finest things for the hands. foreshadowing today’s fruit-acid craze. While citric acid remains a great slougher, here are two more smooth moves:

To avoid chapping, always dry hands thoroughly.
Keep rubber gloves in your kitchen and bathrooms, to protect your mitts whenever you’re cleaning.
Hands get incidental sun exposure every day and are often the first place that spots and wrinkles appear. Use a hand lotion with an SPF of at least 15.

…for omega-3-rich swimmers. The fatty acids in these cold-water fish fight inflammation (precursor to heart disease, arthritis, diabetes) and boost mood. Best high-in-fat, low-in-contaminants choices:

Wild salmon (canned is fine)
Lake trout (also called “salmon trout”)


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