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Baby powder does not only work for your feet or your baby, it also has other uses that you will love.

For your lashes!
You will achieve longer and more voluminous lashes. Put it on after the first layer of mascara with a cotton swab and then apply mascara again, you’ll see the changeover!

Untangle your chains
You put them together and now it’s almost impossible to unravel them? Just sprinkle a little talcum powder over the knots and rub them with your thumb and forefinger, it will slip faster, which will help unravel them.

Dry shampoo
If you have oily hair or you did not wash it, you can apply a little baby powder on the roots with a light massage with the tips of your fingers, then brush it as usual.

It also serves for the hair of your pets!
Apply talcum powder to your pet’s hair, massage a little and brush it to finish.

Goodbye oil stains!
Place a little talcum powder on the stained cloth, and let it stand for an hour so that the talc itself absorbs the oil. Wash your clothes as always.

Refresh your sheets
Perfect for when it’s hot! Just sprinkle a little talcum powder on your sheets, but only a little if you do not look like a ghost.

Hair removal is better
Waxing is better if it is done on dry skin. With no traces of moisture the wax adheres to the hair and extracts it from the root, thus achieving a more lasting hair removal.

Neutralizes odors
Helps neutralize odors such as pet urine or other unpleasant, wet the area a little and spread baby powder, let it dry and then remove it with vacuum cleaner. Give it a try of each use.

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