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Turmeric is a very famous spice which is an essential ingredient in numerous curry dishes. It provides a lot of health benefits due to its powerful antibiotic characteristic. Moreover, turmeric has the capacity to boost your memory and eliminate cancer. In a study which was recently conducted, it was proved that turmeric can improve the cardiovascular health in the same way as a physical exercise!

Turmeric and the Cardiovascular System

In a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, it was proved that an extract of turmeric can reduce the risk of heart attack by 56%. At the same time, it was showed that consuming turmeric provides similar effects just like aerobic exercise. Even a pinch of turmeric has the same effects on the cardiovascular system as you are walking or jogging for an hour.

Curcumin, the Powerfull Ingredient

The effectiveness of turmeric comes from curcumin, its active compound, which contains powerful characteristics that improve the vascular function, more particularly, in women in the postmenopausal phase.

How to Get Benefits of Turmeric for Your Cardiovascular Health

According to the results of the study, 150 mg of turmeric if consumed for 8 weeks, is capable of improving the heart functioning. Therefore, to get most of the health benefits of turmeric, consume 1 tsp. of it per day.

Or, take capsules of turmeric extract, drink turmeric juice, add a pinch of turmeric into your meals, and add turmeric in the teas in order to receive its health benefits.

However, although turmeric improves the health and function of the cardiovascular system, don’t give up on regular exercising. Turmeric and supplements are beneficial, but both of them cannot replace being physically active.


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