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When it comes to the health of your skin and hair, it can be overwhelming to figure out which approach to take – should you visit a dermatologist for prescription medicine, or learn more towards natural or herbal remedies? Opt for the steroid cream or colloidal oatmeal? The accutane or more probiotics? In fact, does it even have to be an either/or situation or can both co-exist together?

Below are some simple ways to incorporate the best of Eastern and Western medicine into your daily routine to achieve glowing skin and shiny hair, no matter what your age.

  1. Drink Green Tea
    Green tea is rich in catechins, a powerful antioxidant that helps to fight and prevent cell damage. This not only helps to prevent diseases such as cancer, but it also helps fight the visible signs of aging and keeps your skin looking fresh.
  2. Ginger
    Ginger is an incredible spice that stimulates circulation and blood flow throughout the body and improves your immune system. It also works well against the inflammation that causes much of the disease and aging that our society faces today. Ginger can be drank as a tea, blended into smoothies, and used for flavor in both cooking and baking.
  3. Recognize the need to protect yourself against the elements.
    This includes sun, wind, and air pollution! Block the sun by using hats, umbrellas, and sunscreen, avoid highly polluted areas or wear a mask, and dress appropriately for the weather, covering up exposed skin during harsh, cold winters. This will keep your skin protected from damaging UV rays, drying winds, and from breathing in chemicals and pollutants that then circulate throughout your body.
  4. Exercise more and sit less.
    Many of the countries where Eastern medicine is most widely practiced, driving places is far less efficient than walking or taking public transit. As a result, these cultures spend much more time walking and much less time sitting in traffic. While you may not live in a walk or cycle-friendly area or don’t have access to public transportation, you still need to move more. In addition to planned exercise each day (gym, home, or outdoor workouts), incorporate more walking and movement into your day, such as taking the stairs and going for lunchtime walks.
  5. Eat less sugar and processed foods.
    In cultures that celebrate Eastern medicine the most, such as in China and Korea, post-meal dessert is usually nothing more than simple fresh fruit. No cookies, cakes, or ice creams, no processed, packaged, junk! Not only do these fresh fruits come with their own vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, but they don’t come with refined sugar and chemical additives that are bad for your body both internally and externally.
  6. Understand that your body is a working unit.
    Everything in your body is working together to help you survive and thrive, if one area is off, the others will be, too. This means you must take care of yourself in all aspects of health. All the expensive skin creams in the world won’t make a difference in your complexion if you never eat vegetables or are consistently under-sleeping.

Unique Beauty Remedies Worth Trying!

Cabbage Leaves for Breastfeeding Moms

Simply peel a few layers of cabbage leaves and apply directly to the breast. This natural remedy is said to help relieve pain, inflammation, and irritation for breastfeeding mothers.

Sour Cream for Smooth Skin

For smooth and surprisingly soft skin, try applying cool sour cream to your hands and face. Rinse off after a few minutes and pat dry with a towel.

Egg Masks For  Healthy Hair

Whip two or three eggs together in a bowl and apply to dry hair (with no other products in it). Smoothe the eggs over small sections of your hair, from root to ends and cover with a shower cap. Allow to sit for 10 minutes, then rinse out and shampoo and condition as normal. These egg masks are said to help prevent breakage, balance scalp oils, and condition your hair.

Sugaring For Hair Removal

Despite being a fairly recent trend in the West, sugaring as a method of hair removal has been around for millenia!

Washcloths for Healthy Skin

Swap your shower scrub for an old-fashioned washcloth. The texture is both gentler on your skin and more effective for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells (an important step in keeping your skin looking healthy and well-hydrated). Be sure to use a new washcloth every shower or bath.

Aromatherapy for Overall Beauty

Taking the time to de-stress is an important part of looking healthy. Try a relaxing aromatherapy massage with natural oils like coconut oil, jojoba oils, or almond oils as a carrier oil for relaxing essential oils.


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