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The clip called “Evolution of Dance” was uploaded in 2001 by Jason Laipply. In that video, Laipply performed to various songs and showed us all the dance styles that have come and gone in the past 50 years. Since then others have followed suit. The video below is called “New Evolution of Dance.” It features four teens dressed in white shirts, suspenders, brown pants, and converse shoes.

The boys are going to have you’re tapping your feet and grooving along with them! The first song is an oldie but a goodie by Ben E. King called “Stand by Me.”

After a few steps, the song changes to “Let’s Twist Again,” recorded by Chubby Checkers.

Watch as the boys dance along to hit songs through the decades. If they don’t have you on your feet after five minutes, the last song will get you up and rocking out!

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