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People who are known to be acidic are more vulnerable in having infections and different kinds of diseases. The acidic body opens the door for obtaining illnesses which leads to chronic inflammation.

The human vital organs are purely harmful when it actually takes place with Acidosis, which includes its harmful effects that it can contribute to skin, bones, intestines and other parts of the human body.

You have to be informed about the things that make your body an acidic one. First thing, it may be associated to your eating habits and stressful things that are unlikely happening in you. Processed foods have the ability to affect the pH levels inside your body, which destroys all of the essential vitamins and minerals. Moreover, one of the causes of it is that you may be lacking in calcium, magnesium, sodium and even potassium. Unluckily, these may result to osteoporosis when you get old.

The intake of soy, dairy, meat and grains may out up with an acidic part of a whole in the body. The same effect will be applied when you take excessive amount of alcoholic drinks, coffee, refined sugar, processed foods and sugar replacements.

Alkaline foods have the ability to get rid the waste, proposing that you have to consume more of these. The body works to produce acidic waste products.

Symptoms Your Body is Too Acidic (Acidosis):
Sciatica and stiff neck
Poor immunity
Skin problems like eczema, acne, rashes and dermatitis
Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and dementia
Joint pain and sore muscles
Sinus problems
Chronic fatigue
Bladder and kidney infections
Cardiovascular damage that is caused by acidic plaques, high risk of heart attack and stroke
Chest pain
Candida and yeast infections
Stomach problems like bloating
Acid reflux and too much gas
Weight gain and obesity
Poor mental skills
Cavities and sensitive gums
Too much mucus or phlegm
Chronic cough

When the body is acidic, it builds alkalizing compounds from tissues which results in the destruction of the normal function of the body. Every time that your body is working on fixing its pH values, the human body system fails to acquire their proper function.

Begin in introducing some changes to your lifestyle habits and maintain your body on the alkaline side of the scale.

Here are some of the tips to alkalize your body:
Consume enough amount of water in order to help your body in eliminating the toxins and waste material.
Lemon water is known as an excellent alkalizing agent.
Consume more fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes.
Green vegetables have the ability to alkalize the body. Add them to your salads, green juices and smoothies.
Stay away from acidic foods or at least limit your consumption of it. This applies to dairy products, pastry, meat, coffee, soda, eggs, popcorn, soy, seafood, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, white vinegar, wheat products and fish.
Do not utilize GMOs.
Take care of your mental health.
Avoid stressful situations.
Put in mind that anger, fear, resentment and jealousy are not your friends.
Relax your body and mind. Do yoga, swimming and meditation. Your health matters, so try to give your all in protecting it. Eat well and enjoy your energy splashes wisely.


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