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The majority of us are unaware of the fact that the nature around us is rich in numerous health benefits. When for instance, the term leukemia is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is chemotherapy, medicines, unhappiness, and low quality of life. In today’s article, we will share with you all the needed information concerning dandelions and its leaves and roots because they can do miracles to people who fight against leukemia.

According to several recent studies, dandelion root can kill 3 kinds of leukemia, eliminating up to 95% of the contaminated cells within 48 hours!

Caroline Hamm, an oncologist, said that when an older patient who suffered from myelomonocytic leukemia was treated with chemotherapy, it didn’t provide positive results. But, when suggested to start consuming tea from dandelion root, after some time, Dr. Hamm was amazed by the results. His overall health condition was improved only by drinking the dandelion root tea. This tea affects the cancerous cells and makes the disappear within 48 hours, and at the same time, it stimulates the growth of the new healthy ones. There are many other findings that prove the fact that dandelion extract fights against melanoma, prostate, and all kinds of cancer.

Some other characteristics of dandelion leaves and root

Dandelion extract was used in the traditional folk medicine for centuries in order to heal the following health issues:


Dandelions are rich in vitamins, iron, and proteins. Vitamins are essential for red blood cells formation and iron is a vital part of the hemoglobin. Thus, dandelion helps anemic patients to improve their condition.

Weak bones

Being rich in calcium which is of vital importance for the strength and growth bones, dandelions protect them from age-related damage. This damage can be caused because of free radicals, and it’s often seen in a form of bone weakness and frailty and decreased density.


Dandelion juice stimulates the insulin production in the pancreas. Being diuretic in nature, dandelion causes more frequent urination, which in turn, helps in the removal of the additional sugar from the body.

Prevents urinary tract infections

Dandelion prevents infections in the urinary tract and prohibits bladder disorders, cysts on reproductive organs, and kidney-related problems.

Cleanse liver

The high content of vitamins found in dandelions cleanse the liver and makes it to function properly. At the same time, they help our digestive system to maintain a proper bile flow. Vitamin C reduces inflammation, helps with mineral absorption, and prevents the development of diseases.

Digestive aid

Dandelion stimulates appetite, improve digestion, and balances the good bacteria in the intestines.


Dandelion milk is used in the treatment of skin disease caused by fungal and microbial infection. It’s germicidal, insecticidal, and fungicidal features, and because of that, it is widely used for treatment of eczema, itchy areas, and ringworm.


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